About Frankenputer

Computer Salvage

Let us give your computer a second life

We need your parts to build basic computers and put them in the hands of people who need them, at modest prices

Every year hundreds of tons of electronics are scrapped in Alberta. The government advertises to encourage us to bring our old computers and computer parts we’ve been accumulating to recycling depots, but there’s a better option.

Your old computer can be repaired or used for parts to rebuild inexpensive Frankenputers, useful and affordable to almost anyone

Don’t recycle that old tower or broken laptop if it can be reused

We are always looking for keyboards, mice, monitors, webcams and any other computer equipment in working order

Before you haul your old computer and peripherals to the recycling depot call Frankenputer and let us reuse them

 message Igor  at frankenputer@live.ca

Or call 403 586 1837